Strat Pickups


I love handwound Stratocaster pickups for their versatility and simplicity.  Have a gander at a few of my favorite scatterwound pickups.


Tele pickups


Tele pickups are some of my favorite, the sound is just iconic, fixated in rock and roll and americana till the end of time.


Jazzmaster Pickups


Glassy, crisp, bright, yet fat and balanced in tone.  I make some cool vintage-inspired creations for your offset guitars.



Jaguar Pickups


handmade, vintage-correct Jaguar pickups, complete with the “claw” and your choice of pickup cover.





Raw, dirty, beautiful P-90s.  Mine are totally customizable for your particular tastes and application.  Check em out!





humbuckers are my favorite pickups to build and play.  First of all they don’t suffer from 60-cycle hum, and they can be bright and spanky or thick and loud depending on how they are made.  



Gold Foils


I designed my Gold Foils for versatility, affordability, and quality.  Finally, a Gold Foil that sounds and looks great and doesn’t break the bank.


Bass Pickups


I specialize in handwound bass pickups for Fender guitars.  I make scatterwound vintage replicas of the P-Bass split coil or the ’51 single coil.  I also do a custom set for the Jazz bass that has perfect low-end and clarity.