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One of the most iconic sounds in rock music is that of the Telecaster, which had a few different names in the beginning of it’s life.  The bridge pickup, originally available in the single pickup Esquire, was bold, twangy, and clear.  The much warmer neck pickup, introduced with the Broadcaster, could still be twangy and bright, but opened up new realms of sonic possibility.  Shortly after, the guitar was renamed the Telecaster and a legend was born.

Both pickups use the Alnico III poles that early Teles used and are hard to find today (Alnico V is pretty standard now). The tone is bright yet balanced with nice round highs and pronounced lows. Nickel, chrome, gold, and unplated premium covers are available. Neck and bridge pickups are scatterwound with plain enamel wire to 7.7K ohms in the bridge and 7.2K in the neck. These are wax potted in a mixture of beeswax and paraffin to keep them nice and quiet.

All of my pickups are made to your custom specs.  Please allow two weeks after ordering for your pickups to be delivered.  

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