Jazzmaster Gold Foil V2.0

Jazzmaster Gold Foil V2.0


Version 2.0: Reengineered for more clarity

If you have ever wished you could have gold foil pickups in your Jazzmaster without breaking the bank, this is the set for you.  Using ceramic bar magnets, these single coils achieve monster vintage-style, low-fi tone that sounds sweeet, fat, and clear in the Jazzmaster.  By winding 44 AWG Poly wire to 9.6K (bridge), and 8.7K (neck) I was able to make these pickups sound open and clear while keeping the bridge fat and powerful.  Fully wax potted in beeswax and paraffin to reduce harmonics, black, white or cream covers, mounting screws and foam included. All of my pickups are hand-made for you, please allow two weeks after ordering for your pickups to be shipped.  250K audio taper pots and .047 tone caps recommended.

Premier Guitar review of Jazzmaster Gold foil pickups 

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