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The Chromium humbucker is a Wide Range Humbucker with adjustable poles that fits in a standard humbucker route. They have a powerful, clean tone that is completely noise-free. These are similar to my Apex Humbuckers except they have adjustable, magnetic poles composed of iron, chromium, and cobalt. The sound is almost identical to Alnico 5: warm, vintage tone with lots of shimmer and clarity. The high-quality, engraved nickel covers will set the look of your guitar apart from others, and people will know that you have something special under the hood.

Comes with 4 conductor leads for coil-splitting, giving you a 6.5K single coil, or a 12.5K humbucker in the bridge, and a 5.7K single coil or 10.7K humbucker in the neck. Gibson and Fender spacing available. The casing is a standard humbucker size but will not fit in larger Telecaster Custom, Thinline, and Deluxe routes. Comes with mounting screws and springs and a lifetime warranty. All pickups are made to your custom specs, please allow two weeks for delivery.

Wiring diagram for Chromium Humbuckers

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