Strat Mod

Increase your tonal possibilities while leaving your Strat looking bone stock

a normal 250k tone control on the left and the modified push/pull pot on the right

One thing I have always loved about the Telecaster is the middle position of the pickup selector where you have the bright, aggressive tone of the bridge pickup combined with the warm, bassy sound of the neck pickup.  This is a sound that you don't normally hear coming from a Strat, but with a fairly cheap and simple mod you can achieve this and other tones, enhancing your tonal possibilities and without sacrificing any of the other tones or the looks of the guitar.

I can perform this mod to any Strat for about $50.  I can also make custom, pre-made pickguards with pickups, a switch, and volume and tone controls all wired up and ready to drop in your strat.  All you have to do is solder the output jack and connect it to the body with the included screws.  The cost of this depends on the options you include (pots, capacitors, pickups...) the sky is the limit.

Email me at to inquire about modifying your Strat.

If you are feeling particularly ambitious you can try this mod yourself.  Here is a link to a wiring diagram:

Just keep in mind that you will need a good soldering iron with a small tip, a 250k push/pull pot with a short rotary knob and a second capacitor.