What happened to Sklar Guitars?

Well, nothing really.  It's still the same company, it's just now called Schuyler Dean Pickups.  I thought this would more accurately describe what I do and who I am.  Having an alter ego is fun, but sometimes confusing, and that's what "Sklar" was, an alter ego, a nickname, which I may still use when naming specific pickups, who knows. 

Schuyler (pronounced sky-ler) is my given name and I am proud of it even though it trips people up with the pronunciation sometimes.  But it is much harder to explain that, "My name is Schuyler and it is pronounced Skyler and the name of my company is Sklar which is pronounced the way it is spelled." 

And I also dropped "guitars" from the name because most of what I do is having to do with the electronics, specifically the pickups.

But I am still making pickups and enjoying every minute of it and you can call or email to talk about what kind of sound you are going for in your setup, or you can stop by and visit my at my other job at Cole Hardware in San Francisco.