Filter’Tron and PAF tones from one pickup


  • switchable output
  • no batteries required
  • Filter’Tron tones
  • PAF humbucker tones
  • standard humbucker size
  • made in the USA
  • lifetime warranty
  • free shipping to the lower 48



The Raybucker gives you Filter’Tron and PAF humbucker tones from the same pickup.  This is a switchable output pickup that does not require batteries or external power.  When hooked up to a DPDT switch or push/pull pot the Raybucker can change from a twangy, low-output Filter’Tron, to a fat, high-output PAF humbucker.  Wound to vintage specs in the neck position, and overwound in the bridge position.  Available in 50mm string spacing, standard humbucker size.  Wiring diagram included.


“I just got some Raybuckers from you and I REALLY like them. I’m going to recommend them in my humbucker builds from now on.  The tone is amazing.  I connected them to a master volume push-pull pot and a master tone push-pull pot, so in the center switch position I can access more sounds.  The filtertrons are nicely full, yet twangy and extremely clear in all settings.  The PAFs add girth to the filtertrons, increasing the mids, and bringing more warmth and power without sacrificing clarity.  These pickups are simply outstanding.  In the center switch setting, by having one pickup on filtertron and one on PAF, I get another full range of tones I haven’t heard from any other pickup combination.  Keep up the great work!” -Dave B.


All of my pickups are made to your custom specs.  Please allow two weeks after ordering for your pickups to be delivered.

push/pull potentiometer

Use a stealthy double-pole/double-throw switch like this one in place of your tone or volume control.  In normal position the Raybucker is a Filter’Tron, pull up on the switch and the output bumps up to a PAF Humbucker.  The rotating knob still operates like a normal volume or tone control.  The switch fits into most stock routs without modification to the pickguard or body.  The cavity depth required is 1 and 5/64″.  Choose short or long shaft depending on your application.  1 switch required per Raybucker.