Alnico Pole Straight Six

angled alnico pole

alnico pole


  • standard humbucker size
  • true single coil tone
  • alnico poles
  • scatterwound with vintage-spec wire
  • choice of “vintage” or “hot” output
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free shipping to the Lower 48
$122 each


A true single coil hiding under the hood of a humbucker.  Alnico V poles give these pickups a tone similar to Tele pickups.  Fits in any humbucker-equipped guitar.  Only available in narrower Gibson string spacing, so you might find this pickup is a little narrow for the bridge position of a Strat, for example.  Angled bridge poles make your wound strings warmer and your plain strings brighter, like a Tele bridge pickup.  “Vintage” sets are 7.8K  bridge and 6.7K neck.  “hot” sets are 8.8K bridge and 7.8K neck.  Sets are RW/RP for hum-canceling in middle position.  250K audio taper pots and .047 uF caps recommended.


All of my pickups are made to your custom specs.  Sets usually ship in less than two weeks after they are ordered.