Broadway Tele

Clear tone for a wide range of styles

  • hand-polished Alnico 5 magnets
  • 6.3k bridge 6.9k neck
  • scatterwound coils
  • zinc plated baseplate
  • warm yet twangy tone
  • lifetime warranty
  • free shipping to lower 48


Pickup Aging

If you have ever walked down Broadway in Nashville and heard the live music coming out of every bar, you might have noticed all the Telecasters.  It’s Tele heaven, man!  I named this special set after after that historic street and gave it a tone that is not just ideal for Country, but many other styles of music too.  This set is bright and twangy, yet warm and full of body, perfect for your standard set in your #1 Tele.  Sets come wound the same direction for true single coil tone and a middle position that sounds full and classic.  Neck pickup comes with a chrome cover standard (other colors available upon request).  Coils are scatterwound with plain enamel wire and fully wax potted so that you don’t get any unwanted microphonics while on stage.

pickups usually ship in less than two weeks after you place your order

Here is a comparison of the Broadway bridge pickup and the Workingman’s bridge pickup played through a Fulltone OCD, Strymon Flint Reverb and a modded Fender Champion 600 with the same guitar and the same settings.  You will notice the Broadway has more highs and clarity while the Workingman is fatter and has a bit more growl.

Here is a demo of all three Broadway Tele positions: