Inspired by the legendary street in Nashville, this could be the classic set for your #1 Tele.


bold, tried-and-true tone.  Alnico 5 magnets, 7K neck and 7.8K bridge for perfect balance.  Plain enamel wire scatterwound by hand, cloth-covered leads, a thick steel baseplate, and vulcanized flatwork make these great, vintage-sounding pickups.


Based on specs from very early Tele pickups, these use flat Alnico 3 magnets, plain enamel wire, a zinc-plated baseplate, and a high quality deep-drawn neck cover.  Resistance is 7.8K in the bridge and 7K in the neck for plenty of outlaw twang.


High-output Telecaster pickups for more mids, more drive for your amp, and more fun!