Peace Pickups

modernized ’70s pickups

$85 each


Based on ’70s CBS Strat pickups, the Peace pickups add all the custom features that make them more applicable to a wide range of styles. First off, the middle pickup is reverse-wound/reverse-polarity to be hum-canceling in position 2 and 4 of your switch. The poles are flat, not staggered, making for good string-to-string volume balance. The bridge pickup is overwound for more output and uses Alnico 2 magnets to get rid of harshness and give it a fat tone. The middle and neck are wound to 1970s specs, 7600 turns of plain enamel wire for an output of 5.7K and use Alnico 5 magnets for plenty of twang to cut through the mix. All magnets are degaussed to specific levels to prevent intonation issues. Fully wax potted to prevent microphonics. Comes with mounting hardware and a lifetime warranty.

All of my pickups are made to your personal specs. Please allow two weeks for your pickups to arrive.