Vintage-correct Jag pickups


“Just installed my set of Jag pickups, and I’m blown away.  Absolutely amazing work!” -Ross L.

  • “vintage” or “hot” output
  • hand-wound
  • hand-polished poles
  • vintage-correct “claw”
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping to Lower 48

$95 each



These are replicas of ’60s Jaguar pickups.  These are 100% handmade of the best parts we could find and come with a lifetime warranty.  Scatterwound with vintage-spec, plain enamel wire.  Hand polished Alnico 5 poles.  Choose “vintage” output of 5.7K neck and 6.2K bridge or “hot” 6.6K neck and 7.2K bridge.  Sets are reverse-wound/reverse-polarity for hum-canceling in the middle position.  Comes with the vintage-correct “claw” and choice of black, white, or aged white cover.


Pickup Aging

All of my pickups are made to your custom specs.  Please allow two weeks after ordering for your pickups to be delivered.