Eisenhower Hi-Fi USA

aged, nickel-silver covers

American-made PAFs

“Just wanted you to know they are absolutely great! Perfect vintage PAF sound. Great job and keep it up!” -Sean E

  • Handwound in the USA
  • USA made parts
  • rough-cast Alnico 2 magnets
  • 5000-5050 turns
  • 10% underwound neck pickup
  • unpotted
  • acid-aged covers and poles
  • lifetime warranty


$175 each


After listening to so many “PAF” reissue pickups that don’t really sound like the real thing and have very little to offer tonally, I decided to make the most authentic PAF that I possibly could.  I started with parts made right here in the USA and aged the nickel-silver covers, baseplates, and steel poles in acid.  Aging the parts gives it the look of an authentic, 50 y.o. pickup.  I use maple spacers, 42 ga plain-enamel wire, butyrate bobbins, and poles threaded into the baseplates just like the originals.  I forgo wax potting for that extra bit of airiness and rawness at high volume.  The end result is a pickup with a moderate output on the vintage scale, organic openness, a pleasing top-end bite, and a growl in the lower mids.  Comes with braided, two-conductor leads, hardware, and a wooden display box.  All pickups come with a lifetime warranty.

Sean Ewing playing Eisenhower Hi-Fi pickups in a Gibson Les Paul: