Apex Humbuckers

These enhanced range humbuckers were inspired by ’70s Wide Range Humbuckers.  They use alnico 5 poles and when they are split sound like Strat single coils.  The bridge South coil is 7K output and the neck North is 6K making these great sounding single coils as well as high-output humbuckers.

Chromium Humbuckers

Inspired by the Wide Range Humbucker of the ’70s (not the cheap reissue), Chromium Humbuckers have a powerful, clean tone that is completely noise-free. These are similar to my Apex Humbuckers except they have adjustable, magnetic poles composed of iron, chromium, and cobalt.



Inspired by the original Seth Lover PAF pickups, these are 100% hand crafted humbuckers.  5000 turns of 42 gage vintage-spec wire goes onto each bobbin.  Alnico II magnets provide a tone that is warm and smooth, never too punchy or harsh.  Maple spacers, vintage spec nickel-coated polepieces, and braided two conductor leads complete this package.


Eisenhower Hi-Fi USA

The closest match to an authentic, late ’50s PAF.  American-made parts, acid aging, made in Nashville, Tennessee.


The Eisenhower humbucker’s evil twin.  All black, high-output, humbucking pickups with a bit of vintage character.

Straight Six

A true single coil hiding under the hood of a humbucker.  Adjustable nickel-plated steel polepieces and Alnico II bar magnets mounted under the coil give this pickup a vintage voice similar to a P-90.  Or choose alnico poles for a tone closer to a Tele pickup.  Fits in any humbucker-equipped guitar.



Probably my favorite pickup of all time.  Inspired by the original Gretsch Filter’Trons, these are twangy and bright like a single coil, but with no 60-cycle hum.  Just the right amount of warmth and clarity to sound great in a wide variety of humbucker guitars.



Switchable output from bright and twangy Filter’Tron tones to a fat and juicy PAF humbucker.




This is a lower wind humbucker for those who want a brighter, twangier sound out of their humbucker-equipped guitar.  A cross between a PAF and a Filtertron, this pickup achieves its tone with an alnico 3 bar magnet and mismatched bobbins.