P-90 Gold Foils

Affordable, P-90 size Gold Foils

  • Ceramic magnets
  • 44 awg wire
  • Clear, funky, vintage tone
  • Fully wax potted for low noise
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty




The goal with this pickup was to make a clear, fat, funky gold foil with a little bit of P-90 character at an affordable price.  The pickup is made with 44 gauge wire and ceramic magnets like vintage Teisco gold foils and includes cool, red-colored bobbins for extra mojo. Output comes to 9.6K bridge and 8.7K neck.  Fully wax potted for low noise and reliability and available with cream, chrome, or black covers. Neck pickups are wound 10% lower to balance with the bridge and are reverse-wound/reverse-polarity for hum-canceling in middle position.  Comes with all mounting hardware and a lifetime warranty.

All pickups are custom-made for you! Please allow two weeks for your pickups to be delivered.