Bass Pickups

’51 P-Bass pickup


This single coil pickup for bass was only manufactured from 1951 to 1957, and I make a replica based on those same specs.  Vintage-spec 42 gauge plain-enamel wire, .195″ diameter Alnico V magnets, riased A and D string poles, cotton string wrap, light beeswax potting, and cloth-covered lead wires.  Bright, clear tone.


hum canceling ’51 P-Bass pickup


This pickup is the same size as the ’51 P-Bass pickup but is hum-canceling.  Tone is comparable to regular split-coil P-Bass pickups.  10K output.



’60s P-Bass Pickup


Aggressive, thick, funky, fat, low noise…  my P-Bass pickup is made just like the original and the best; 10,000 winds per coil of scatterwound single-build, plain-enamel wire, Alnico V magnets, and cloth covered leads.  It’s hard to improve on perfection.


’70s JB Clones


’70s Jazz Bass tone inspired by the originals.  Excellent clarity and even tonal response.