The Bad Sub

Bad Sub_small

This pedal simulates what it would be like to crank a tube amp to bone crushing levels.  The 12AX7 tube (included) overdrives your guitar just like a real tube preamp.  You can swap out 9 pin tubes to experiment with your sound.  Variable gain from just a little breakup to heavy metal crunch.  A boost switch lights a blue LED and brings the gain to the next level offering even more distortion.  A passive, hi-cut and low-cut-in-one tone control provides a wide range of sounds from ice-pick treble to the deepest darkest bass tones.  A red LED above the footswitch indicates when the pedal is on and true-bypass mode is disengaged.  point-to-point hand wiring, 100% handmade.  This pedal requires 9V DC power, or use 18V for even more drive and saturation.


2 Year guarantee on parts and labor.  Switch and tube not under warranty.  Free shipping to lower 48.