In 2009 I started winding pickups and building guitars in my garage in San Francisco.  After many prototypes and some good reviews from friends and musicians who played out I decided to make my passion into a business.  My goal has always been to offer my customers the best possible shopping experience and the highest quality product.  All Schuyler Dean Pickups come with a lifetime warranty and are backed by customer service (me) you can access at any time by phone or email.   Presently this is a one man operation, so everything from winding to shipping to advertising to PR is done by me, so you can be sure that there is no outsourcing or loss of accountability like in larger corporations.  This is a 100% made in America operation, and I aim to keep it that way.

I learned my trade in the electronics program at City College of San Francisco where I became a certified tech.  As a musician I am completely self-taught with 10 years experience gigging and recording as a bass player, guitarist, and vocalist in Bay Area bands.  In 2010 I started doing pickup repairs for SF Guitarworks as an outside consultant.  

In 2015 I moved to Nashville, TN to expand the business and start building guitars.  The music scene here is big but feels small at the same time.  It is the warmest, most welcoming, non-intimidating group of people I have ever met.  I began working for M.I.R.C. in Franklin as an electronics tech and learned many valuable skills about setups and repairs while there.  Eastside Music Supply in East Nashville has been awesome to let me sell pickups and guitars through them and is a great store for guitarists of all levels.

I specialize in making pickups from high-quality vintage-spec components that are unique in sound and appearance.  All of my designs have been tested by myself and musicians who play out and record regularly.  If you are interested in something and you don’t see it on my page please contact me, I make a wide variety of drop-in replacements for electric guitars and basses.

My guitars are made from the best, sustainably-harvested wood from around the world.  They are all hand-carved and hand-painted using the most precise, delicate, and time-consuming processes.  Inspired by the best classic guitars, mine are given that extra bit of quality and uniqueness that makes them stand out on stage and in the studio.